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OpenNewTrier in the Chicago Tribune!

The Chicago Tribune covered the controversy over New Trier's reopening plans in a news piece on November 5. The article asked OpenNewTrier's Ted Dabrowski for his thoughts on in-class learning:

Still, for the parents who plan to rally outside the high school on Saturday demanding a reopening that would bring at least 50% of students back on-campus for in-person learning, the resumption of the 25% hybrid plan on Tuesday does not go far enough.

“We are advocating for an expanded in-person option, just like those who are not comfortable have the remote learning option,” Wilmette resident Ted Dabrowski said Thursday.

He cited the nearby Glenbrook high schools as an example of schools bringing all students back for at least a portion of the day.

“I’m all for remote learning for those who want that option, but teachers need to be in the classroom,” Dabrowski said.

Dabrowski said he was disheartened to learn that during the two days his 14-year-old son was in the classroom for in-person learning last month, some of the freshman’s classes featured remote instruction with no teachers in the classroom.

“These kids are transitioning to becoming young adults alone, and on TikTok and Snapchat ... I’m worried about their social emotional health,” Dabrowski said. “I also can’t tell what he’s learning anymore.”

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