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Mark your calendars for Nov. 14th

At OpenNewTrier, we’ve been advocating behind the scenes – as many of you have – for an in-class learning option for students. The good news is, we’re being heard. The board has announced it will hold a special meeting next week on Nov. 4th to specifically address its reopening options. The board recognizes that “some area high schools...are safely offering in-person instruction” and that the district’s new testing program will strongly support an in-person option. But another board meeting is simply not enough. We’ll need to do more to make our voice heard since those who prefer to remain closed have a great deal of sway. Remember, our classrooms were open for just one week before they were shut down again. And even then, many of our kids were in nearly-empty classrooms with teachers Zoomed in. We need to let the board, the administration, and the teachers’ union know that we want our classrooms to open safely and responsibly – and to stay open. That’s why OpenNewTrier is planning a news conference/rally for November 14th at 10 a.m. The board needs to understand that parents are serious about an in-school option for their children. Five hundred parents and community members like you have already signed up at, with 200 of you indicating you’ll join us at our event. Now is the time we need to come together. Only a critical mass of parents will have any chance of influencing the school board’s decisions. Please reserve Nov. 14 at 10 a.m. on your calendar and let others know about the rally by asking them to sign up at

We’ll be communicating the final details about the event soon.

Meanwhile, the most important thing you can do now is to fill out the district’s survey on remote and hybrid learning before Nov. 3. The last question is the most important: “What can New Trier do to improve your student's overall learning experience?” Let the board know what your child needs.

Together we can work for a full in-class learning option at New Trier, while maintaining an online-only option for families who need protection or who don’t yet feel comfortable with in-person education.

Please join us on November 14th.

Ted Dabrowski, Eric Hungness, Anne Haser, Mary Lyman

P.S. You can share your thoughts on reopening with the board prior to the meeting on Nov. 4 by writing to Lindsey Ruston To be included as a public comment, comments must be less than 3 minutes long when read aloud and must follow the board’s rules, listed here.

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