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150-plus concerned parents attend OpenNewTrier's rally!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Thank you to the 150-plus community members and students who withstood the frosty November temperatures to let the school board know we want an option for a safe, daily, in-class option for New Trier students. We emphasized why real in-person learning is so important – and why we need more than the district’s current “hybrid” plan.

OpenNewTrier is advocating for an option that puts children in the classroom, with teachers physically present, for at least half a day, every day.

WGN, NBC 5 and Fox all covered the OpenNewTrier event, which took place on Saturday morning at 10:00 am at the Northfield Campus.

New Trier parent and local radio host Mancow Muller opened the rally and was followed by New Trier parent Dr. Eric Hungness who spoke to the medical side of safely re-opening:

“Reopening schools can be done safely. I work at a very busy hospital. Over the past six months, thousands of physicians, nurses, therapists, medical assistants and staff have been going to work every single day.”

“Work transmission rates have been extremely low, which is similar to the data for in school learning across the country. The data shows that the infection rates are extremely low when basic precautions are taken.”

New Trier parent Donna Bozzo and students Jenna Birdsell, Caroline Finnigan, Hannah Schneiderman also spoke to how remote learning is hurting their education.

Also speaking at the event was Kati Spaniak, a parent and organizer at Glenbrook North, a district that offers students a half a day, every day in-class learning option. Half of all students with an in-class option attend school in the morning, the other half attend in the afternoon.

Other speakers included Paul Vallas, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools and former Democratic candidate for Mayor of Chicago, who spoke about the long-term consequences of keeping children out of the classroom, and Ted Dabrowski of OpenNewTrier, who laid out to Fox News the wishes of the parents who support the group.

What can you do to get kids back in class for a safe, daily option?

  1. Write an email to the school board by Monday, November 16. This is the most effective way to reach them with your thoughts and your experience with the current hybrid model. All letters are read and considered. Direct your email to all school board members listed in the link.

  2. Attend the board meeting on Monday, November 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the Northfield Campus in the C234 Multi Purpose Room to show your support. And if you are willing to speak directly to the board with comments of up to three minutes, comments are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thanks to all of you who showed up in support of opening up our schools. Please share this email and invite others to join us at OpenNewTrier. And if you have any questions or suggestions, please write to and we’ll try to help.

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