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Open New Trier High School

Our Kids Need In-Person Learning

Help make daily in-class learning an option for New Trier kids

Thank you to the 150-plus community members and students who withstood the frosty November temperatures to let the school board know we want a safe, daily, in-class option for New Trier students!

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WGN, NBC 5 and Fox all covered the OpenNewTrier event, which took place on Saturday at the Northfield Campus.


Here's what you can do right now to advocate for a safe, daily, in-class option:


1. Write an email to the school board. This is the most effective way to reach them with your thoughts and your experience with the current hybrid model. All letters are read and considered. Direct your email to all school board members listed in the link. 


2. Attend school board meetings to show your support. If you are willing to speak directly to the board with comments of up to three minutes, comments are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

We are New Trier parents and community members who believe:


In-school learning is vital for the academic, social and emotional development of students.

The camaraderie that comes from New Trier’s sports and extracurricular activities can’t be replicated outside the school.

Many students are being harmed by the lack of an in-school option.

Schools need to open and get students safely back in the classroom.

Help us open our schools!


Take Action

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Join a group of parents and community members who are taking action to open our schools for an in-person learning option.

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